Apple Watch Bands for Big and Tall Wrists

Know what they say about geeks with large wrists? They don’t have rest wearing small Apple watch bands. If you are in that shoe, you need some extra-large Apple band. So would three more inches give your wrist a rest? Let’s see.

To those new to smartwatches, an essential consideration in making a buying decision is the fit of the device on their wrist. And the advent of the Apple wrist band watch isn’t an exception. And since you’re likely to be wearing it every day, you have to be able to live with it comfortably. Not all watches are created equal when it comes to design and size.

And with lots of Apple watch accessories in the market, it is quite tricky getting one that will fit perfectly into your hands without breaking a wrist as lots of creators are creating Apple watch bands for small wrists. But then, what happens to the big and tall wrists sizes in the long, large, XXL and XXXL categories?

Luckily, the Apple Watch has become one of the most customizable and versatile smartwatches you can buy. And with the new Apple Watch Series 4, we’ve been treated to a bit of a change in the fit and measurements.

Over the years, the Apple watch has expanded its appeal by increasing its maximum band sizes, making the iPhone-compatible smartwatch fit for people with bigger wrists, too.  The new band length goes from fitting wrists that are 210mm to 245mm and costs the same amount as a standard band at $49.

And in this post, I will be walking you through the difference between the Apple watch sizes you can choose from if the fit is your priority.

Apple Watch model sizes and fits

Just as we mentioned above, Apple now classifies its watchband in two different categories – the 40mm and the 44mm. These sizes are essential for establishing which face will be best suited to your wrist, with a measurement that denotes the size of the bezel, and a strap that plays a crucial role in the specific fit of the smartwatch on your wrist.

To stand out, Apple takes its Watch measurement vertically, as opposed to most other brands, which do so horizontally. So, for the 40mm model, expect a width of 34mm, depth of 10.7mm and a case weight of around 30g. And for the bigger 44m model, you’ll have to deal with a width of 38mm, the same 10.7mm depth, and a 36g case weight.

Okay now, enough of the long tales. If you have an Apple Watch, but find it difficult getting a comfortable band because your wrist is more substantial than average, here are some of our favorite Apple Watch bands perfect for large wrists without breaking a bank:

L/XL Sport Band

Over the years, the M/L apple band watch is the most massive sport band. But not anymore. On August 14th, 2015, Apple started selling a version of the Sport Band that included both an M/L and a new brand – the L/XL band. The L/XL band fits wrists 195 to 245mm. However, if your wrist is 200mm or more, you would probably be happier with the larger 42mm version of the Apple Watch anyway. Price: Get the L/XL model of the Sport Band from Amazon at $49.

Carterjett Black Tire Rubber Tread Sport Strap

The lightweight, flexible and comfortable black tire version of Carterjett comes with a unique rubber tire tread appearance, and it’s made from a suitable silicone material, with evaporative channels on the back, allowing air to circulate. The XL/XXL size fits 8-10 inch wrists. Price: Get the XL Carterjett on Amazon for $30.

Carterjett Extra Large Nylon NATO Band

If the rubber tire tread isn’t your thing, then perhaps a traditional NATO style band is. It comes with a lightweight, durable and comfortable nylon material in a variety of colors and 42/44mm L-XXL size that fits 8-10.5-inch wrists. Price: Cost $26 on

XXL Apple Leather and Silicone Band

Comes with internal silicone material packed in an external leather. Price: Get the XL on Amazon for $20.

Speidel Twist-O-Flex Metal Stainless Steel Stretch Band

If you dislike adjusting links, but like the classic link band looks, then you can go for this stretch band option. It has the classic aesthetic you’d expect from a link bracelet, but it’s stretchable, so you don’t need to tinker around with links. Plus additional stretch, that can go 5 inches from the original size. Have a bigger wrist? No problem. The L/XL version fit wrists that are 7.3-8.2 inches in diameter.

Price: Cost $80

Final verdict

While it may be hard finding a lot of option for larger wrist in Apple bands, these are some of the best ones that we’ve rounded up. With our favorite being the Speidel Twist-O-Flex Stainless Steel Stretch Band. It pretty much everything we like about the link bracelet style without the fuss, with an additional five inches beyond the original size to suit your needs. So if you love colors and want bands of various colors, feel free to select several Apple Watch bands in different colors. You will always look good in these Apple Watch bands for large wrists no matter the occasion or where you are going.

And of course, these are just a few of our favorites. To find a watch band that fits you the most, check out our full range of styles and colors available.

Apple Watch Bands for Big and Tall Wrists

The Apple Watch represents a step forward for mobile devices, combining the convenience of a wristwatch with the advanced features of smartphones and tablets. However, while technology helps make daily living more convenient, one problem was that the watch bands were too small for those who have extra-large wrists.

The XL or XXL wristband, which is familiar enough for standard watches, was missing from the Apple Watch products. But there are many options today thanks to the introduction of Apple Watch bands designed for those with large wrists.

What is the XL Apple Watch Band?

The most common sizes for the band Apple Watch makes are for those with normal size wrists. Even those with smaller than average wrists can find watch bands Apple makes for them. Today, these watch bands provide more room for those who have larger than average sized wrists. Plus, for those who have long wrists can find the right band as well, thanks to the new lengths that are available.

Manufacturers have updated the same materials and technology that go into producing standard watch bands for use with the Apple Watch XL bands. The unique attachment adapters and characteristics that make Apple Watch a bit different are incorporated into these new designs so that you can get what you want at a price that fits your budget.


Apart from the distinct advantage that the bands are designed to fit wrists that are larger or longer than usual, XL bands are high quality, durable, and fashionable.

High Quality: In addition to being made from high-quality materials, the construction of the watch bands are quite durable. After all, many lower quality watch bands fall apart not because of the materials, but in how manufacturers put them together. The XL, XXL, and XXL Apple Watch Bands offer the same, high-quality construction that you expect from watch bands that cost considerably more.

Durable Materials: The first thing that most people notice is the materials used in the watch bands themselves. Durable, woven nylon which offers comfort along with considerable durability, means that the band will hold up over the years, resisting the bending, twisting, and the elements to remain reliable with minimal maintenance.

Fits Your Style: Along with the high-quality construction and durable materials used, you can see just how the watch bands will fit a big wrist and look great. The attractive color enhances the appearance of the band and goes with almost any outfit.

Also, you have choices when it comes to selecting the style, appearance, and price of the bands Apple Watch that you want. When you are working out, going to work, or simply working on relaxing, there is an extra-large or extra-long Apple Watch band for you.

If you are looking for an extra-large or extra-long watch band for your Apple Watch, then you have found the place. For wrists that require XL, XXL, and XXXL Apple Watch Bands, you now have the right product that provides a firm grip and a comfortable fit. Plus, for those who need an extra-long Apple Watch band, you can find them here as well.

Top 10 XL Bands for Apple Watch

XL Band

Extra long, large and XXL Apple Watch bands for big and tall wrists. Would three more inches give your wrist a rest? While you were posting your lunch, we were eating ours. You know what they say about geeks with large wrists…

Extra-large, long and XXL straps for Apple Watch 42mm and 44mm smartwatches. Join our plus-size journey of body positivity to find an Apple Watch that fits. Here’s a link to our number one XL Band, the tire tread by CarterJett.

 Buy it now 

Top ten XL bands for Apple Watch

  • Lightweight, flexible and very comfortable
  • Evaporative channels on the back, allowing air to circulate
  • Fits 8.3 to 10-inch wrist

This band is available in among the most sizes and colors of all XL bands. I’ve interacted with their customer service and had great results!

 Buy it now

  • Fits 7.1-9.8″ (180mm-249mm) wrist
  • Stainless steel material, easy to install
  • Unique double button folding clasp

This band fit my 9.5-inch wrist out-of-the-box. The box comes with a very professional kit for removing links.

 Buy it now

CarterJett Black Leather Nato XXL $35

  • Leather feels natural
  • Black NATO w/ Space Black hardware
  • Great customer service

Probably my favorite daily band. The leather provides enough rigidity to wear my Apple Watch more loosely without slipping.

 Buy it now

DaLuca Straps Custom Length Brown Vintage French Ammo Watch Strap $250

  • Leather feels natural
  • Curved clasps provide comfort
  • Great customer service

  • Fits 8-10.5” wrists
  • No sharp edges, not stiff or scratchy
  • Steel adapters have no screws and are permanently attached

  • XXL size fits 210-255mm (8.3″-10″) wrists
  • Can write initials, words, dates with laser
  • Requires custom order contact for XXL
CarterJett Brown Leather Nato XXL $35


Vintage Brown NATO XXL $35

  • Gray hardware
  • Curved clasps provide comfort
  • Great customer service
Sport Band L/XL 44mm Black $49


Sport Band XL $49

  • High-performance fluoroelastomer
  • Durable and strong, yet surprisingly soft
  • Pin-and-tuck closure
DaLuca Straps Made to Order Custom Length Leather Watch Strap

  • One of a kind
  • Fully cusomizable
  • All sizes available
Black Sport Loop


Sport Loop XL $49

  • Up to 245mm
  • Double-layer weave
  • Woven nylon

  • Geek Chic
  • Carbon Fiber
  • 8.25-10in
Nyloon Preston - Apple Watch Nylon Band

  • Designed specifically to fit 9″ to 10.5″ wrists
  • Nylon band with a comfortable, fabric-like feel
  • 6.5-10.5in

  • External leather, internal silicone hybrid
  • Five different browns, red, and black
  • 18 month warranty, great service

Your Grandfather’s Watch Band

Your grandfather wore true military spec watches, rare, designed with robustness and function in mind for Air Force Pilots and Navy Seals. The crafted hands of the face on your grandfather’s watch were installed by expert hands into handmade casings passed on from the traditions of timekeeping, where precision meant life or death at worst and pass or fail at most. This IS your grandfather’s watch band.

XL Band Leather for Apple Watch

XL Band for Apple Watch extended length straps presents the XL Band for Apple Watch by Daniel Luczak, creator of DaLuca Straps. Daniel’s DaLuca Straps creates the world’s finest bands for Panerai and Rolex and now offers XL Band in Black and Brown leather. Would three more inches give your wrist a rest?

Straps By Artisan Daniel Luczak

From “Handcrafted. Treasured artistry. Heirloom quality that will stand the test of generational use. DaLuca is a study in craftsmanship. An effort in patience and a reminder that what came before will remain. Time is constant so is craftsmanship. We produce by hand, in our San Diego-based workshop. We only buy the absolute finest quality leather in the USA. Ethically sourced skins are of high concern as is the earth and it’s great beauty. We pride ourselves in this fact and stand true to it day in and day out. All hardware is of superiority. Our buckles and closures meet our expectations; demands that will perform in the most extreme climates and rigors for extended periods of time.”

Chromexcel Leather


From “Chromexcel is the original pull-up leather; using time honored techniques and formulas that were developed nearly 100 years ago. Chromexcel is still produced in the United States (Chicago) using a bark retannage from a proprietary recipe, and then genuine hot stuffed with our secret blend of natural oils and greases. Chromexcel is characterized by a rich pull-up in full aniline, hand rubbed finishes. Made to this day with old world craftsmanship, modern Chromexcel carries on a long history of superior comfort and durability.”

XL Band Leather for Apple Watch

  • Individually Artisan Made by Hand in San Diego
  • Chicago’s Horween Chromexcel Leather
  • 4mm Thick Black or Brown
  • Full or Single Stitching in Matching or Contrast
  • 38mm or 42mm Matching Apple Watch Hardware
  • Free US Shipping Custom 4-6 Weeks

Use the code GRANDPA for 15% off your first order from XL Band.


COULD YOU USE AN EXTRA THREE INCHES? The average leather Apple Watch band tops out around 8-inches and costs up to $340.

EIGHT INCHES WORKS FOR SOME, BUT IMAGINE ELEVEN! XL Band Leather for Apple Watch fits eight to 11-inch wrists and retails for $149. Join our Kickstarter​ for a 20% discount.

THESE GO TO ELEVEN. XL Band Leather for Apple Watch by DaLuca Straps​:

$117 Now Thru Sunday: DaLuca Straps XL

$117 Now Thru Sunday: DaLuca Straps will not charge XL BAND viewers extra for extended custom straps. Enter the code END to order an XL Apple Watch strap for $117 shipped.

Make sure to add an Apple Watch Adapter. If they are out of your preferred color, order GOLD 42mm and specify the correct color and size in your order.
Mention XL BAND in the “How Did You Hear About Us?” or customization box for bench priority. Also, use your 25% off code for their SWISS AMMO band cut from antique Swiss Army satchels, well worth the expense if you’re looking for something unique.
P.S. They make XL belts, too: Also 25% off with END code.
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